Nurses Week Fair 2023:
Celebrating Compassion, Games, and Community

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In a vibrant burst of celebration, RN Express’ Nurses’ Week Fair 2023 transformed the 2nd Floor of the Masonic Hall into a lively boardwalk of camaraderie, games, and heartfelt connections. Our Administrative Staff, Partner Sponsors, and Nurses gathered last May 23, 2023 to honor our healthcare heroes’ unwavering commitment to healing and compassion.

Our theme echoed the sentiment felt by every patient, family member, and colleague: Nurses genuinely make a difference. With this spirit in mind, we curated an event that blended fun, learning, and appreciation.

Games, Prizes, and Great Food

The heart of the fair was our Fun Games and Bingo. Nurses eagerly marked their cards as they completed each row, and each game they played earned them tickets redeemable for prizes of their choice. The excitement was contagious as nurses cheered for their colleagues’ wins.

Our hotdog cart by EQX Catering sizzled with anticipation, serving juicy franks with all the fixings you can think of. And what’s a fair without dessert? Our Baonanas ice cream pudding cart offered sweet scoops of nostalgia, reminding everyone of childhood summers.

Financial Goals and Lifelong Learning

Our partner sponsors were present the entire day:
     – Alveo by Ayala Land
     – Bawar Asset Management
     – Campus Education
     – Fidelis Health Insurance
     – Grand Canyon University
     – New York Life
     – Skin Loft
     – WFG/TransAmerica  

Financial advisors discussed smart investment strategies, emphasizing the importance of planning for the future. Nurses leaned in, eager to learn about retirement options and debt management. Campus Education and Grand Canyon University representatives shared information about further education opportunities—because learning never stops.

We ensured that every nurse who attended had enough prize tickets, choosing from an array of gifts: wellness retreat vouchers to stethoscope accessories. But the real treasure was the sense of community—the reminder that they were part of something bigger.

Throughout the day, we raised our cups—whether filled with lemonade or coffee—to toast the nurses who make miracles happen daily. Their dedication, resilience, and compassion light up our healthcare facilities.

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