BackApp is a 24/7 Staffing Solution for Healthcare Institutions which provide a reliable and easy access to healthcare professionals such as nurses and caregivers in various settings in the community using innovative technology.

BackApp is an additional service by RN Express Staffing to its contracted facilities that will provide 24/7 staffing solution. It is a mobile application developed to simplify the fulfillment process of staffing needs using innovative method.

This App streamlines the fulfillment process of staffing needs by sending requests in just a click and receives confirmations in minutes.

For more information about BackApp,
visit SLF Management website.

“RN Express shows high sense of accountability and responsibility as a staffing agency. They are very professional in their dealings both to the facility staff and their staff. I have been in business with their agency for a year, through Sally Nunez and Alex Alejandrino. RN express made a difference in both my professional and personal life because I know that I can depend on them during times of crisis. They prove themselves to be dependable, resilient to the various demands of the facility and able to deliver their promises consistently; something that is often not seen in staffing agencies. With RN Express at the helm of our staffing needs, we know our patients and residents are provided with quality and professional care and for this we know we can sleep at night.”

Randolf Palmaira, PT, MSA, LHNA

Executive Director and Administrator
Citadel Corp./The Plaza Rehab and Nursing Center, Citadel Corp.

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