Supplemental Accident Insurance
Frequently Asked Questions

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Accident Champion helps pay for the unexpected costs of an accidental injury by providing benefits for initial care, injuries, treatment, facility care and follow-up care.

Accident Champion pays cash benefits directly to you or anyone you choose regardless of any other coverage you have. Benefits are paid for injuries and their treatment as shown on the Schedule of Benefits that will be sent via email as soon as eligibility is reached.

All accidents including needle pricks! As long as it is an accident and requires medical attention, accident champion could be used. It doesn’t matter where the accident happened, this insurance will cover and pay (even in the Philippines or other countries).

Eligible employees are those who have worked at least one year continuous full-time and maintain their full-time status.

The employee’s individual coverage is 100% subsidized by the company – meaning free for the employee. However, the employee is responsible for paying for any additional dependents.

Spouses aged 18-64 and dependent children/grandchildren aged 0-26. No student status required, and coverage will continue for incapacitated dependent children regardless of age. However, it is the employees’ responsibility to pay for dependent’s premium.

This is Accident-Only Insurance. No benefits will be paid for an injury that is caused by, contributed to, or occurs as a result of a covered person’s:

• Being intoxicated, or under the influence of any narcotic unless administered on the advice of a Physician. (The term “intoxicated” means the minimum blood alcohol level required to be considered operating an automobile under the influence of alcohol in the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred.)

• Commission of or attempt to commit a felony or to which a contributing cause was the Covered Person’s being engaged in an illegal occupation (“felony” is as defined by the law of the jurisdiction in which the activity takes place).

• Suicide, attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury.

• Dental care or treatment, except for such care or treatment due to injury to sound natural teeth within twelve (12) months of the Covered Accident and except for dental care treatment necessary due to congenital disease or anomaly.

• War or any act of war (whether declared or undeclared), or service in the Armed Forces or units auxiliary thereto.

As soon as you are registered by the company, you can register for an online account through the Combined Insurance website ( In addition, a Combined Insurance Mobile app is also available.

You can file a claim by sending required documentations such as treatment invoice through mail, website, or the combined insurance app. It takes typically 1-3 days to process the claim and receive the money. The faster you submit the necessary documentation, the faster you can get your money. Claimants would receive the payment through direct deposit or mailed check.

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