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"I have so many good words to say about RN Express. I am a proud RN Express nurse from the very start. I’m one of their very first nurses 10 years ago. I met the company through Alex Alejandrino, and while I was petitioned by and working full-time in a NY hospital, I worked with RN Express per diem. They would send me to new facilities, which I love, as it helped enrich my career. The owners, Ms. Sally, Ms. Lea, and Ms. Florida, know how to take care of their nurses. They build relationships with us all—so much so that even when I got busy in my full-time job, they still treated me like family, always included me in company activities, and kept in touch the way they would with their nurses. I love how they appreciate the value that one contributes to the company. It was my personal decision to leave a good full-time position in a hospital, but I did not think twice because I know that I have RN Express to manage my career. I have worked with other agencies per diem, so I know that RN Express can give me the long-term benefits and career growth that I am looking for. I always share this with my fellow nurses: I will only work full-time with RN Express because they give me more than what I can get elsewhere, and the relationships you will have with the company is something that is hard to find. As a nurse, I admire their passion to help other nurses and believe in their mission, vision and advocacy."
Rowena Alba
"The Amsterdam Nursing Home and the Amsterdam at Harborside have been working with RN Express Staffing Registry for ten years. They have provided their services in two locations; a large skilled nursing facility in Manhattan and a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Port Washington, NY. I have primarily worked with Alex Alejandrino, Sally Nunez and Maria Lea Batomalaque. Each of these individuals have always been responsive and sensitive to all our needs in an effort to ensure adequate staffing levels with the goal of promoting the highest level of care possible. Whether on an on-going basis or in emergency situations, they have always risen to the occasion to make sure our staffing needs were met both in the numbers of staff required and in the quality of the staff as well. I could not speak more highly about Alex, Sally and Lea.

Both Amsterdam facilities have very high reputations, as measured by CMS Star ratings, rates of re-admission to hospitals and many other quality indicators. The only way these kinds of results can be achieved is by having outstanding registered nurses. RN Express has been responsible for providing Amsterdam with the quality of nurses that is necessary to achieve the results that Amsterdam has been able to attain for so many years. Our partnership with RN Express has unequivocally resulted in the very high level of care Amsterdam provides and the outstanding reputation it enjoys, RN Express has clearly made a major difference in the success of our business. They have my highest recommendation!"
Mr. Jim Davis
Amsterdam Nursing Home
"RN Express shows high sense of accountability and responsibility as a staffing agency. They are very professional in their dealings both to the facility staff and their staff. I have been in business with their agency for a year, through Sally Nunez and Alex Alejandrino. RN express made a difference in both my professional and personal life because I know that I can depend on them during times of crisis. They prove themselves to be dependable, resilient to the various demands of the facility and able to deliver their promises consistently; something that is often not seen in staffing agencies. With RN Express at the helm of our staffing needs, we know our patients and residents are provided with quality and professional care and for this we know we can sleep at night."
Randolf Palmaira, PT, MSA, LHNA
Executive Director and Administrator
Citadel Corp./The Plaza Rehab and Nursing Center, Citadel Corp.
"My business has dealt with RN Express for more than 10 years. Sally, Lea, Ms. Lucas, Nimfa and Alex—they are all very responsive to the needs of my business. RN Express nurses are of the highest quality. They are very reliable. There was a time when I needed so many MDS assessors to assist the facilities and RN Express was able to supply quality nurses. I admire the humility of the stakeholders. They have helped so many nurses and their families."
Nemcy Cavite Duran
Duran Consulting Services, Inc.
"RN Express' commitment to their nurses are one to be admired. They exude professionalism, courteousness, fun, amazing team talent who has an energetic response time to any situation, and they made the hiring process exceptionally easy. Upon arrival to the facility I was welcomed by all staff members as if I was a royal guest. Everyone was smiling, super friendly management team which made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. I have been with this company for 10 months and counting, they are highly and skillfully organized, and continues to offer any additional support I need. When I was not well I was blown away that they called, text, checked in, and even sent supplies to get well, I mean did your agency or facility did that??? Furthermore, I remembered receiving my first Christmas party invite from them omg I was so excited, Disney themed, what an amazing agency they went all out for this occasion, and it was just so much fun to see how well they connected and established relationships with everyone. Overall, I'm truly blessed to be apart of the RN Express Family. Let me tell you, I had a wonderful impromptu visit from the entire agency, just a few days ago to show love, support and appreciation for all that I do. I was really taken back to see the entire team before me, it made me feel so special and appreciated that they took the time to come visit me at the very place they connected me with. I would highly recommend RN Express, 5 stars for the top notch service they provide and continue to. If you are a new nurse and you do not know what to do, let RN Express assist you. They made job seeking, resumes and interviews a breeze. They listen and offer expert advice and will encourage to support you with furthering your educational goals. When it came to choosing an agency I truly struck gold thank you so much RN Express for taking me in and continuing with my growth."
Sally Ann Mohammed
"With RN Express, the transition process was very organized from the airport pickup to our housing arrangements. We were so amazed how carefully they planned everything from our arrival to the deployment of the facility, and also of the opening of the bank accounts and to the last minute detail. We are very much grateful to them for everything. My message to all my kababayan nurses back home: Do not lose hope. Have the patience in everything that you do. Find the best and good company that will support your dream. Find the one that will be transparent enough and will help you along the way and someone that will not back down on you, and that’s it, I think everything will go fall to its right place."
Bryan Daulo
Registered Nurse
"I met RN Express through a common friend. I emailed my requirements, and then the staff contacted me and then that's how it started my application. RN Express was there to help me assist with housing, transportation, accommodation. I really wanted to work in the US, specifically in New York, and then I found a way through RN Express. For all the nurses, aim high, reach your goal, and then pray."
Eloisa Francisco
Registered Nurse
"With the other agency I’ve waited for three years and nothing happened. But when I applied through RN Express, it took only 8 months to process my EB2 application and my American dream came true. The advice that I could give to the nurses is: if you choose among the many agencies out there available, choose RN Express. You will not regret it. They will make your dream come true. I’m very thankful for them because they made my dream come true."
Francis Narciso
Registered Nurse Supervisor
"I’ve been with RN express since 2011. I was supposed to be petitioned by another facility before but it never went through. I was so scared that time because my visa was almost expiring. With God’s help, I met RN Express. With open arms, they welcomed me to their family. RN Express is not just an agency, but a family. My case was not easy, but we made it. I’m very thankful to RN Express as they made my American Dream happen. Anybody who wish to come, be with RN Express. We are here for you, and RN Express is here for you."
Evelyn Chavez
"For all the nurses out there who wants to come to America, or especially in New York. I just want you to keep your faith. Stick with RN Express because they will truly help you out in whatever it is. They were very helpful to me, guided me through all my application process and always had constant communication even via email. They will help you out with your application. Even when I came here, they were very supportive of me from where I lived to where I worked. Very supportive emotionally and financially."
Maeros Jimenez
Registered Nurse
"RN Express has been really instrumental in giving me opportunities to work and fulfill my dreams to become a registered nurse in New York, United States. I’m really proud because I was able to finally fulfilled my greatest dream. My message to all the nurses back home is to always have hope and stay humble and stay focused and of course you have to work hard."
Carol Joyce Ramirez
Registered Nurse

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